Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In Which Connor Has ALL The Germs

Connor's doctor called today with the news that the results of the cultures done at her office on Monday had come in. 

So yeah, he's got strep throat.  But he also has a yeast infection around his g-tube and RSV.  No wonder the kid's been so sick!  He's been fighting three infections all at once. I should have known-- nobody does anything by halves in this household.

So avoid my house like the plague, people. I seemed to have somehow dodged both the strep and RSV bullets, which is nothing short of a miracle considering how contagious that stuff is, but I may just not be showing symptoms of the RSV yet.

Anyway, now I'm putting a topical cream on his g-tube site a couple of times a day and watching the little guy like a hawk to make sure his horrible upper respiratory infection doesn't progress to bronchitis or pneumonia.  RSV is not a particularly fun viral infection for a medically fragile kid to have.  If need be, we'll go back to the hospital.  Again.  I'm just hoping to avoid that since it's probably where he picked up the RSV in the first place.  Hospital waiting rooms are always an infection risk for the little guy.  I kind of want to make him a nice bubble to fit around his wheelchair for when we have to go, but there's this little thing called air circulation that he kind of needs so I don't know how well that would work.

But seriously-- strep throat and a yeast infection and RSV?  What's next, malaria or something?  I swear we haven't been dipping our kid in a vat of germs or anything. 

So yeah.  Right now he's absolutely miserable.  He keeps coughing so hard it's making him throw up, which can't be pleasant with the sore throat.  He once again spent most of the day sleeping, but he kept snoring so loud he woke himself up. 

Poor little guy.  I hope he feels better soon.



Julia O'C said...

Wow. Connor really does have ALL THE GERMS. I'm guessing this means that you are getting NONE OF THE SLEEP?

Pam/D'ville said...

Wow, I'm sorry Connor is having such a hard time right now. Actually, all of 2011 has been pretty hard for him....and you!
Now that you know what you're dealing with, germ wise, I pray he'll start to improve quickly.
About the catching stuff while in emergency; have you thought about or tried putting a mask on him when around lots of sick people; or would he leave one on? Just a thought.
I pray 2012 is a MUCH better year for the McGuffey family.

Ashley's Mom said...

Jess, what do you use for the yeast infection? I've tried several things and none have worked really well.

Robin said...

Is there any way to mix probiotics in his food to help fight off the yeast while he is on antibiotics? I am not familiar with tube feed but I have fought off a yeast infection or two? ;)

Off Topic: I was on Anderson Cooper's website the other day and they were looking for Anderson look-alikes and I thought - That is who Conner reminds me of. You should send them a pic.

Simply, Sarah said...

I don't know if Connor's chair has a rain cover that can be ordered. We use a rain cover for our son's bubble. It has mesh vents on the side, so there's air circulation, but he's not exposed to as many germs as he'd be otherwise.

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