Friday, December 16, 2011

In Which We All Take A Pajama Day

I spent a good portion of today sleeping-- I slept through all of Connor's school time.  Jer came home just as I was walking out the door to pick up Connor from school, and then when the little guy actually went down for a nap the two of us crashed and the whole family slept until about two in the afternoon.  So all in all I slept for about five hours today.  I'm pretty sure we all badly needed the sleep.  Connor is officially on Christmas vacation now so I won't be taking any more naps while he's at school for a while, but I'm feeling greatly recovered already so hopefully it will be a moot point.  I'm really tired of being sick.

Tomorrow is my bout on the banked track, which I'm looking forward to and nervous about all at the same time.  It should be a whole lot of fun!  Banked track derby is a whole different animal from the flat track variety, so hopefully I'll manage to pull this off without breaking any vital body parts.  I'll let you all know how it goes.  Since I'm still at only about two-thirds of my usual lung capacity, it will be an exercise in endurance for sure.

Wish me luck!



Julia O'C said...
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Julia O'C said...

Take lots of deep breaths today. Seriously - this is something we've learned in nursing school.

Can't wait to hear about the banked track bout!

Funny thing: when I was typing the sentence above, I did not put a space between "banked" and "track" and it autocorrected to NAKED. So if I hadn't have caught it, it would have said, "Can't wait to hear about your naked bout!":) Heh.

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