Thursday, December 29, 2011

In Which We Take A Post-Holiday Field Trip

Connor finally crashed at 4:00am last night, but he's actually gone to bed on time tonight!  So this will be a short blog post because I intend to take full advantage of the chance to get some sleep.

Connor and I spent a quiet day together slowly putting the house back to rights after the glorious mess that was Christmas, and then as soon as Jer got home we piled into the van and drove to see the Fantasy Lights display at one of our local parks.  The Christmas lights are on display in the park until right before New Year's Day, and because we chose to wait to see them until after Christmas there was no wait time and there were only a few cars ahead of us on the path, which was pretty fantastic.  Connor brought his Gobo doll along to see the lights too.  He's more excited about that doll than I've seen him get about any of his toys for a while, so we like to encourage it when we can.  I'm going to need to figure out pretty quickly if Gobo is washable, though, because he is getting drooled and chewed on in a major way.  Oh well.

Anyway, Connor seemed to really enjoy the lights, which took us about half an hour to drive through.  There were plenty of displays that moved (fish jumped over the car, Santa shot presents out of a cannon, dragons breathed fire, etc.) and they captured his attention pretty well.  He was extremely quiet through most of the car ride, which is unusual for him, and then when we got to the end of the park he started making noise again.  I'm not sure what his expression looked like because I was driving so I couldn't really look back at him a lot, but Jer said he looked like he was pretty fascinated by the whole affair.  And Jer and I enjoyed ourselves too.

I think we'll make this a holiday tradition!



Julia said...

Sounds lovely, and I'm glad Gobo got a chance to enjoy it, too!

Anonymous said...

You my have thought of this already, but make sure and get a second (identical) Gobo doll to use when the first one is in the wash (most dolls/stuffed toys wash quite easily but don't take kindly to tumble-drying!).

Happy New Year
the still anonymous because technologically challenged
Anne from Switzerland

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