Saturday, December 3, 2011

In Which Connor Takes A Sick Day And I Turn Hypochondriac

Connor was understandably still feeling under the weather today, so we spent a quiet day at home.  He watched a movie with his daddy and spent some quality time snuggled up against me snoozing while I sewed.  I'm about two thirds of the way through the front piece for the Chinese dragon stocking now, and the hardest parts (the sequining and beading) are all done so it should go pretty quickly from here.  Luckily those pieces were all pretty skinny, so I didn't get super burned out on sequining and really tempted to just use a glue gun on the thing or something.  So the worst is over and I'm working on his head right now.  I think he's going to turn out well.

I had a tiny bit of a scratchy throat today, but I can't decide if it's just my annual the-heater-is-on-and-dries-out-everything scratchiness or if I'm coming down with the dreaded bug too.  It's kind of like when they send those notes home from school saying that someone in your kid's class has lice, and then you spend the rest of the day scratching your head and freaking out.

Okay, well maybe that's just me. 

But at rate, I'll be super paranoid for a few days until I'm out of the danger zone as far as Connor being contagious goes.  The last thing we need is for Jer and I to get sick too!



Julia O'C said...

Oh, every time we get a notice from school that some child has lice, my scalp starts to itch before I've even finished reading. I hope you're not getting strep, though. Yuck.

That dragon stocking is looking AWESOME!!!

Fiona said...

Your stocking is amazing, and I also itch like mad when we get the head lice notices.
In fact I got itchy just reading your Blog, so yes, sigh me up for some psychosomatic illnesses too.

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