Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In Which I'm Really Tired Of Blogging About Illness So Can We Just Be Well Around Here Already

I had a whole lot of plans for today; I was going to mail all the packages I have to go out, get the house cleaned up and catch up on my correspondence-- the number of e-mails I have yet to answer is fast reaching critical levels.  But instead I spent the entire time Connor was at school sitting on the couch drinking a cup of tea very, very slowly and staring off into space.  Jeremy even came home early, and instead of being all industrious I used the opportunity to fall asleep fully clothed face down on our bed.  Methinks this cold has me kind of wiped.

Well, and the fact that Connor stayed up until three in the morning.  That didn't help matters.

So I didn't get much done.  The cats thought it was pretty great though; as far as they were concerned I was a giant heating pad just for their convenience, and they spent most of the day draped over me putting various body parts to sleep and giving me extremely wounded looks every time I tried to move.

I'm getting really tired about blogging about various people being sick around here, though.  For Pete's sake, can we move on to something else in this household? 



Anonymous said...

Glad the cats were at least happy

Julia O'C said...


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