Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Which I Don't Feel So Hot

Bleargh.  Now we are all sick.

Connor woke up this morning with no voice and his noise completely crusted over, so he stayed home from school today.  We spent pretty much the whole day sitting on the couch moving as little as possible except to renew my supply of cough drops and to get Connor's medication.  The little guy seemed to be feeling quite a bit better by the afternoon, while I still felt like death warmed over.  Jeremy went back to work though, so he seems to be over the worst of it. 

I'm going to see how everyone feels tomorrow morning before deciding whether or not we need to cancel our respite care.  It's not so much how me and Jer are feeling as it is Connor-- we can't have him exposing his buddy C to all sorts of nasty germs.

So yeah, nothing to report.  I hate being sick.


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Anonymous said...

Worried about you guys...hope you're all okay.

-Julia O'C

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