Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In Which Connor Catches The Seizure Train

Well, I'm sad to say that little guy jumped back on the seizure train today-- he had three over the course of the afternoon.  I was hoping he'd catch a bit more of a break.  Let's just hope that this isn't the start of another seizure cycle for him, and that he'll have some more time to recover before we see anything like last Friday happen again. 

Otherwise the day was largely uneventful; the seizures pretty much knocked the little guy out for the day, so we didn't end up going anywhere.  I had so many big plans for the summer, and it's just flown by!  I'm going to try and cram in a few good field trips with the little guy before it's over and he's back in school.  I just don't like driving very long distances with him in the car when he's in an active seizure cycle.  Also he doesn't really get all that much out of field trips when he's unconscious.  But I'm hoping we can still cram in a trip or two, even if we have to stick really close to home.

The little guy has a dentist appointment tomorrow, which should be interesting.  This will be the first appointment he's had since he started losing teeth, so we'll see what they have to say about his permanent ones coming in.  He's got his first permanent tooth about halfway in now, and there's no sign of the second one yet.  We don't really have any idea what his permanent teeth will look like-- they develop at a different time from the primary teeth, so we don't know how his genetic issue might have affected them.  We do know that he has permanent teeth in there, so that's good.  I'm particularly interested in seeing what his two top front teeth might look like-- those two baby teeth are really different than typical teeth.  There's no real way to tell yet though unless they try to take x-rays of his teeth, which would no doubt be an adventure.  So I guess I'll just have to wait and see what they look like when they come in!



Julia said...

(1) I'm very sorry about the seizure uptick. With any luck it was just a minor setback and he can continue with his "180" behavior.

(2) I can't come up with anything particularly witty to throw at Ms. de Credit this time -- let's see what the Other Julia delivers; sure to be good.

Jess said...

Too late! DELETED.

Seriously-- I only keep creative spam. Ms. de Credit's is sadly uninspired.

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