Monday, August 15, 2011

In Which I Have A Birthday

Today was my birthday!  I am now officially somewhere between the ages of 25 and dead, and I plan on sticking to that age for the next several decades.

I spent my birthday being a mom, which is pretty much what I do every other day of the year.  But that's okay; I had a great time with my little guy.

And also the day involved a lot of chocolate, which was awesome.  Chocolate is the official food of birthdays as far as I'm concerned.

Connor and I went to physical therapy in the morning, and then stopped for lunch (and chocolate) and to pick up a new book, because a birthday without a new book would be no kind of birthday at all.  Then it was off to the hospital, where we met up with Jer in the Orthopedic waiting room.  We spent about a half hour talking with the doctor, interrupted every two or three minutes by a round of ear-piercing shrieks from Connor.  The little guy is expressing how much better he feels in a big way, at the moment.  I'm pretty sure you could hear him from the waiting room. 

So the end result of the exam was that yes, Connor is partially dislocating his knee, but we don't have to worry about it!  Turns out that everything is just kind of loose in there because that's just how he's made, and so he's not injuring anything by slipping it in and out of the socket.  He doesn't need braces or surgery, and as long as he's not experiencing any pain he can pop the thing in and out of place all day if he wants to.  So that was fantastic news.

I guess we've just got a little Houdini on our hands-- bet he could use that trick to get out of some tight spaces!  And also he can add this to his bag of Awesome Things To Present For Show-And-Tell at school.  Showing off a partially dislocated knee would beat out little Johnny's Pokemon card collection or Susan's pet goldfish every time.   

So the rest of the day was spent quietly at home; Jer brought me Pad Thai for dinner from our favorite local Thai restaurant, and it was delicious.  I spent some time reading, working on sewing projects and just generally relaxing with my family. 

I think that's a pretty good way to spend a birthday!



Julia O'C said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! Wishing you a wonderful year!

Betic said...

Happy Birthday! I just found your blog and love learning about Connor and you and Jer. Hope today was a good day too.

Anne said...

Happy Birthday! I always tell people I'm old enough to drink but not old enough for Willard Scott to announce my birthday.

Julia said...

Happy Birthday! I guess Connor feeling so much better is the best birthday present -- but I'm glad you got a book, chocolate, and Pad Thai, too. Enjoy everything!

xraevision said...

Happy belated birthday, Jess! Chocolate and books and breakfast in bed and Thai food - you deserve all the treats I can imagine after the week you've had! Glad to hear everyone is recovering.

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