Sunday, August 7, 2011

In Which We Take It Easy And I Smell Like A (Non-Magic) Pickle

Today we mostly stuck to the house, though we did take a lovely walk around the neighborhood.  I'm feeling a little under the weather, though I think I'll be pretty much over whatever this bug is by tomorrow.  Mostly I just feel a little washed out.  It may be that I'm still catching up on sleep and feeling the effects from not having enough for so long.  Jeremy let me sleep in today, which was fantastic. 

Connor only had one seizure today, which means that hopefully his medication is starting to kick in.  I put a swimsuit on and we played in the tub for a while, which he enjoyed.  I haven't taken him down to the pool much this summer, and I really need to take him at least a few times before he's back in school!  He doesn't start up until September, but that's not too far away.  He'll be doing preschool again with the same teacher, which we're pretty excited about.  His classroom last year was awesome, and I'm sure it will be just as great this year.

Other activities today included a trip to the used bookstore across town to look for more graphic novels, and a little bit of cleaning.  Also I dyed a shirt with tea to make it look aged for my steampunk costume.  I used vinegar to set the dye and now I smell like a giant pickle.  Oh well; hopefully the shirt will look pretty good.  I'm washing it right now, so we'll see what it looks like when it comes out of the laundry.  Then I'll start replacing the plastic buttons on it with some neat pearl buttons I found at a local antique gallery. 

Sewing projects are fun!


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Fiona said...

Glad to hear Connor is doing better.

In a previous post you asked about books for Ellen and I wanted to add my 2 cents worth.
We are also dealing with multiple languages, and although our situation is different to yours, I think the basics of kids learning languages are probably the same.

Our daughter is a real fan of factual (non fiction) type books, in her second language. It took me a while to work out why, but with factual books she usually already has a basic knowledge of the subject, which she learnt in her mother tongue.

This (and lots of pictures) helps her translate the bits she doesn't get immediately in her second and third languages.

We love Dorling Kindersley factual books, but not sure if you can get them in the US?

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