Sunday, August 28, 2011

In Which I Eat Yummy Things And Connor Heads Back To School

I have a ton of lemon curd whipped cream in my refrigerator and I was running dangerously low on blueberries to eat it with.  Since I haven't quite resorted to eating directly out of the bowl with a spoon yet (or at least I won't admit to it) I went out and bought a bunch of things to go with it.  Luckily our grocery store was having a sale on sorbet, so I bought a ton of different flavors.  I am now discovering infinite numbers of tasty ways to eat an entire pint worth of whipping cream all my myself.

It's hard, but someone must do it.  For Science!

Anyway, so Connor didn't have any seizures today, which was great!  I'm hoping that he's back down to his one-a-week schedule, which I would be perfectly find with as that would give him a chance to recover between episodes.  Mostly he hung out with Jeremy today, while I did such productive things as read comics on the Internet and take a nap.  Well, okay, I really needed the nap.  I have to do as much catching up on sleep as possible during the weekends, since I'm not getting a whole lot of it during the week right now. 

I'm really happy with my new roller derby pads, though they're tight enough that I actually got stuck in one of my knee pads for a little while after today's scrimmage.  It's way better for pads to be too tight than too loose (the last thing you want is for your pad to slide off the part it's supposed to be protecting when you get hit), and they'll stretch after I wear them a few times.  In the meantime I'll be playing a good game of tug-of-war with them, though. 

I got a letter in the mail about Connor's school orientation, which is on Wednesday.  He starts up school the next day; can you believe summer is over already?  I've started talking to him again about school and reminding him how much fun he had last year, and I think he's starting to get pretty excited about the prospect of starting up again.  I'm a little sad that the summer is over, but I'm also really excited about having my blissful two hours to myself a day back.  I guess most moms feel like that, huh?

The only other thing of note that happened today was that Connor finally cut his second permanent tooth!  It's been hanging out just under the gum for weeks now and one corner of it made an appearance this evening.  The rest of his primary teeth don't seem inclined to go anywhere for now.  Yay for teeth!

I think I'll celebrate with him tomorrow by sharing a little bit of lemon curd whipped cream with him.  But only a little bit.  I wouldn't want to throw off my sorbet experiment results.



Jess said...

Glad to hear Connors seizures are more under control.Hope he likes school on Wed & that lemon curd sounds delish x

Julia O'C said...

All I know is that there'd better be a picture of Connor on his first day of school or I' very disappointed! Humph.

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