Monday, August 29, 2011

In Which Not A Whole Lot Happens

Really, I have very little to write about today.  I ate a whole bunch of various things topped with lemon curd whipped cream, Joanna came over to watch Connor and I spent some time at the library, Jeremy and I went out to eat, and then I drove over to the last night of my roller derby team's boot camp, which was a ton of fun. 

It's great to see how much all of the ladies have improved, and I can't wait for tryouts to happen so I can officially welcome a new group of gals to the league!  It seems crazy that not so long ago I was doing this very same thing.  I remember being incredibly nervous and I debated for a little bit over whether or not I should actually show up for tryouts, but since I'd told the entire Internet I was going to go it was a little late to back out without some serious explanations. 

Obviously I'm glad I went!

So at any rate, I'll be wishing all the potential New Bruisers good luck in a couple of weeks.  I think we'll have a great crop of new skaters this year.

Connor is still up and yelling happily at the top of his lungs, so it looks like this may well be another all nighter.  Whee!  At least I have chocolate ice cream and a book to keep me company.  Chocolate ice cream makes all things better.


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Julia said...

I'm glad you had a comparatively uneventful day. Enjoy the book and chocolate ice cream. So what do you like to read, anyway?

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