Sunday, August 14, 2011

In Which Connor Is A Maestro

Today was another day filled with much needed quiet time in our house.  Jeremy brought me breakfast, because he is amazing and romantic like that, and he spent most of the day with Connor while I alternated between transcribing some old writing from paper to electronic archives and working on various sewing projects.  I'm currently in the middle of my "the crisis is over and now I'm exhausted" state, which makes me really not want to do anything too taxing.  So transcribing and sewing hems were about the most challenging things I wanted to do today.

Connor's good spirits continued all day, and he didn't have a single seizure.  He was still a little limp and tired, but I'm not really surprised by that-- upping his keppra tends to have that kind of effect on him.  He spent a little bit of time playing with his keyboard; he's figured out that if he presses the "demo" button it will play music indefinitely and he doesn't have to touch it.  He's just not quite sure where the demo button is on the top of the keyboard, so he uses the "start at the right and bang the keyboard as hard as you can while moving to the left" method of finding it, usually pressing all of the rhythm buttons in the process.  It makes me grin and wince all at the same time.

But besides that, honestly I don't have a whole lot to write about today.  And I'm completely okay with that, dear readers.  I could use a few more days like today!



Julia O'C said...

Wishing you many more "boring" days!

I wish you'd replace that camera cord already. I haven't seen a picture of Connor since your vacation. He's probably grown another 6-inches.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Yay for a quiet day! Hoping you have lots more!

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