Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In Which Connor Is In The Best Mood Ever And I Misbehave In The Middle Of A Store

I finally bought a replacement USB cable for my camera this evening!  So once again I can bombard you with 80,000 pictures of my ridiculously adorable child.  As soon as he wakes up and I can start taking them, that is.  He probably wouldn't appreciate me starting right now.

The little guy slept through the night and woke up around 8:30 in the morning convinced that today was the absolute best day in the history of the universe.  He smiled, and giggled, and squealed his way through the first half of the day, and then when we drove to the store he proceeded to wave to pretty much every person we met.  Also every time I came around to the front of the wheelchair he would get really, really excited, wiggly back and forth and actually laugh out loud, he was so happy to see me.  If I'd been pushing the chair for a little while he'd start loudly clearing his throat until I popped around the front to look at him, and then he would squeal and giggle like I'd just told the funniest joke he'd ever heard. 

I couldn't help but laugh back, and so I started sneaking around to the front of the wheelchair when he was looking the other direction to surprise him.  This made him laugh even harder, which made me attempt even more ridiculous antics, and the cycle continued.  Connor's behavior was of course immediately excused by everyone in the store due to his extreme cuteness, but the sight of me hunched over, sneaking around behind the clothes racks towards my son and cackling like a demented hen probably raised some eyebrows.  Luckily I have long ago ceased to care what other people think about me and have zero sense of personal dignity, so I went right on ahead and did it anyway. 

I'll do practically anything to see Connor's face light up and hear that squeaky bicycle wheel laugh.  I haven't heard nearly enough of it lately, so we have some catching up to do!



Jane said...

I too have been known to do whatever it takes to get that laugh! I think moms (especially special needs moms) leave our dignity at the door when it comes to such things!

Mary said...


Julia said...

Lovely!!!! Hopefully this will be the new normal for awhile to come. My father can raise one eyebrow higher than the other, which never fails to crack me up. You could try that one on Connor.

Katie said...

I honestly believe that, as a parent, if you don't make a fool out of yourself at least a couple of times a day, you're not doing it right!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hurray for a wonderful day!

Parents with dignity don't have any fun ;D

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