Monday, August 8, 2011

In Which I Go To Bootcamp And Am Not New Anymore

So today was the first day of my league's annual roller derby boot camp!

It was a ton of fun, but honestly it was also really, really weird because this time I was one of the people doing the instructing, instead of the wobbling around and falling all over the place.  Well, okay, I did some of that too.  But mostly I was helping out one of the New Bruisers, which to me kind of means I'm officially not a New Bruiser any more.  I've been playing roller derby for almost a year now. 


I remember just how incredibly nervous I was the first day I showed up.  All of the new ladies were fantastic and had a whole lot of heart.  Most of the girls-- even the greenest-- have more skating skills than I did at the time.  I hope that all of them show up again next week for the next lesson, and that in a few months they'll be booty blocking with the best of them!

But yeah-- being referred to as a "skating veteran" was seriously weird!  Maybe I'll get used to it by next year's bootcamp.


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Julia O'C said...

Can I just tell you unbelievably impressed I am with you? Seriously, just a year ago, you set your mind on joining a roller derby team, and YOU DID IT.

You rock. And my mom really does read your blog.

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