Sunday, August 21, 2011

In Which We Play In Seattle And Connor Is A Sleep Jack-In-The-Box

So last night Connor decided to stay up until 7:00am-- yes, that's not a typo-- which meant that taking him anywhere today was going to be a really, really bad idea.  So Jeremy stayed home with him all day while my friends and I drove up to Seattle to do some fun shopping at Pike Place Market.  Since it was a summer weekend with good weather the market was absolutely packed, but we still had a fantastic time perusing the stands and stopping at the tea shop (of course) and the chocolate shop (obviously).  We also ate some fantastic chowder at the usual spot Jer and I stop at for it, and we dropped by a little Russian bistro to pick up some piroshkis for breakfast tomorrow. 

After that we walked over to the Seattle Aquarium, where we listened to part of a lecture about the giant Pacific octopus on exhibit and got to see them give her a Gatorade container filled with squid, which she opened (unscrewing the lid!) to eat her treat.  The octopus they have now is named Loki, which I thought was pretty funny.  I don't think she and our cat would get along too well though.

We also got to watch them feed the seals, and we saw many really neat kinds of fish.  I like aquariums because even if they are the same tanks the fish are constantly moving and interacting with each other, so no matter how many times you visit there's something new to see.

So we spent most of the day there, and then after we got home my guests not only presented me with a birthday present and a box of chocolate, but then they also cooked us dinner!  These are the kinds of guests that you want to have come back really, really soon. 

Connor didn't have a single seizure today; he spent most of the day napping off and on.  When I read him his bedtime story he fell asleep in my arms, and then as soon as I took him back to his bedroom he decided he was not at all tired and would never, ever be going to sleep again.  Now he keeps dropping off for an hour or so and then waking back up again.  Fun!

So all in all it was a pretty great day, and I hope we'll have similar amounts of fun tomorrow, though I may need way more coffee to appreciate it if he continues this glorious sleep pattern.


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Julia O'C said...

Oh, glorious sleep issues!! Sorry to hear it.

I LOVE reading about your adventures in roller derby. I know I've said it a zillion times, but I'm so, so impressed with you for doing that.

Please tell your house guests that they are welcome to stay with us if ever in the pittsburgh area! ;)

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