Saturday, August 6, 2011

In Which Connor Wears His Wedding Hat And I Read About A Magical Cucumber

Connor had four seizures today, but they weren't quite as bad as yesterday.  It'll probably take a few days for his new medication to kick in.  Otherwise he had a great day, and though he seemed a little tired he was in a pretty good mood.

We spent the afternoon at a lovely wedding, which of course meant Connor had to wear his Wedding Hat.  He has an adorable tweed hat that makes him an instant girl magnet, and he wears it for special occasions.  Also he wore a button down shirt, pinstripe slacks and his bright red converse sneakers.  There was so much cuteness that my brain almost exploded.

I took pictures but of course I have yet to buy another camera cord, which means that I can't show them to you yet.  I promise I will do this soon, so that you can also marvel at the amazing adorableness that is my son.  Plus I swear the kid has grown another inch.  He's getting kind of ridiculously big.

I also stopped by the (sadly going out of business) bookstore today, where I picked up some graphic novels for our daughter Ellen.  I've been talking with our local English Language Learners coordinator about how to help Ellen with her English before she arrives here, and he suggested sending her adventure books.  I'm not exactly sure where her reading level is, so it's difficult to know what exactly would be appropriate.  I figured that graphic novels might be a good compromise because even though the vocabulary might too advanced for her the pictures provide context clues and they are engaging enough that she might take the time to look up the words instead of getting frustrated with them like she might with a book that is all text.  I'm figuring that I'll try and send one or two in each care package.

So I scoured the Independent Reader section and found the first two issues of Bone and also Magic Pickle, both of which I have heard are very good. We figure a developmental age of around 9-10 would probably be about right, though her English may not be quite up to that level yet.   

I'd love recommendations for future purchases if you all have any!



Anonymous said...

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Julia O'C said...

You have some great points there, most especially about Connor looking adorable in a tweed hat. Though I have not actually witnessed this phenomena, I believe that you are an expert in this field. My mom reads your blog.

Julia said...

You have some great tweed hats there, that's why I always check back for photos, it looks like you are an expert in a field of magic cucumbers. You should read my mom's blog.

Seriously, she actually has a cool blog, although she's been a negligent poster lately.

All due respect to my mother, but I'm sure she can't compete with a picture of Connor in a tweed hat, pinstripes, and red sneakers. Not that I would know for sure, not having actually *seen* such a picture yet, but I'm sure you will soon provide me with the evidence I need to formulate a more definitive comparison.

I hope the new dose works out well for a good, long time.

Jess said...

Bwahahahaha you guys are awesome.

Anonymous said...

For your daughter's reading, you might want to try the Akiko books by Mark Crilley. They are a little more childish than the Bone series but the stories are still good and the drawings are amazing.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Definitely cannot wait to see a pic of Connor in his tweed hat. Sounds absolutely adorable! Glad to hear his day was better than yesterday.

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