Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In Which Connor Gets Ready For X-Rays And I Worry About My Boy

Tomorrow I'll be taking Connor in to get x-rays done of his trick knee.  His appointment with the orthopedic surgeon (the same one who did Jeremy's skin graft) is next Thursday and this will give them plenty of time to take a good look. 

I don't think we've actually x-rayed his knees before; we've done his hips, ribs, spine, skull, and hands as best I can remember.  I'm surprised the kid doesn't glow in the dark. 

I'm hoping we'll get some good answers out of that appointment.  Jer and I have noticed in the past couple of weeks a significant difference in muscle strength between his left and right leg that wasn't there before; the left is noticeably weaker.  We're not sure if this is related to the knee or if it's due to all the paralysis caused by his seizures.  And unfortunately it's not as if he's stopped having seizures; he had four today.  He spent most of the day sleeping.  It's a little soon for us to know whether or not the medication change is going to help get them tamped down again; we should know that in another three or four days. 

I'm not sure what an issue with the tendons in his knee would mean as far as his continued ability to stand and bear weight on his left side.  There's not really any point in speculating until we know exactly what's going on in there, but I can't help worrying about it.  He's worked so hard to get to the point where he is today. 

I'm assuming we won't hear any results from the x-rays until our appointment next week, so I'll keep you all posted.


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