Saturday, August 27, 2011

In Which Connor Revs His Seizure Engine Again And I Sleep Forever

I'm sitting here eating a big bowl of blueberries with lemon curd whipped cream on top.  I made a blueberry pie for a birthday party earlier today and the lemon curd whipped cream (basically I whipped a mixture of cream, powdered sugar and lemon curd-- hence the creative name) was supposed to go with it, but I forgot and left it in the refrigerator.  So now I have to think of things to do with it.  Putting some on top of a bowl of blueberries seemed to be a pretty good start.  I had a big slice of the blueberry pie (one of my favorite pies ever to make in the summer because it's practically no-cook and also delicious) earlier at the party, but I'm pretty sure there's no way you can ever get enough blueberries so that's okay. 

After just over a week seizure free Connor jumped back into epilepsy land with a bang-- he had a seizure that was long and violent enough we ended up using the Diastat on him.  His right side was paralyzed afterwards instead of his left, which was interesting.  Guess the kid likes some variety.

So that wasn't particularly fun.  Otherwise the day was pretty good-- Jeremy let me sleep in until my getting up time didn't even qualify as morning any more, because I sat up listening to Connor giggle to himself over the monitor until 6:30am and so I badly needed the sleep.  Once I finally dragged myself out of bed, Jer and I drove up to Fast Girl Skates in Seattle where I picked up some new roller derby pads. 

I'm on my fifth pair of knee pads now because I keep cracking them, so I switched to a different brand and we'll see how well these work for me.  My wrist guards were really starting to fall apart and my elbow pads were losing their elastic, so I replaced those too.  I also bought a new helmet, as my old one was starting to get pretty scratched up and, even if it wasn't, it was a year old and therefore needed replacing in my paranoid mind.  I've had multiple concussions and so I want to preserve as many remaining brain cells as I can!  Luckily they had a pretty good selection in today; the last time I bought my helmet the junior roller derby season had just started and so they were almost all out of my size. 

Yes, I wear a really, really small helmet, but my tiny pinhead is complimented by my huge clonker feet.  I'm built like a human pyramid. 

So at any rate, other than Connor's seizure it was a decent day.  Most days that involve making pie are!



Sara at said...

Sounds like you'd like my friend Marijean's blog. She makes (and gives away) a lot of pie!

Julia said...

Tried to comment on your previous post yesterday but kept running into error messages. The gist of my comment was "Yikes!" There was also a recommendation that you move from chocolate up to fudge.

The gist of today's comment is, well, I'll stay away from profanity, but the big seizure is not good news. I hope you get more sleep tonight, and I strenuously hope that seizure was a one-off.

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