Thursday, August 4, 2011

In Which I Don't Sew After Midnight

Today I took Connor to occupational therapy, where he quite happily refused to touch anything, and then we stopped by a fabric store on the way home.  Now that the lovely fabric store around the corner from my house is gone, the nearest is in Tacoma, so it makes sense to get my shopping done there while I'm in town rather than making a separate drive.  I picked up three yards of lovely teal satin so I could get started on the bustle for my steampunk roller derby costume.  Even thought the bustle is only going to be knee length at its longest point, I'll use nearly every inch of that entire three yards.  Bustles use a lot of fabric.

Also this is the only piece of clothing I am ever going to make that will actually make my butt look bigger.  It's not like I need a whole lot of help in that department, given the amount of chocolate I consume on a daily basis.  Oh well.

Then I stopped by a coffee shop so I could stay awake the rest of the day.  I'm not addicted to caffeine yet, but if Connor keeps up his current sleeping habits I could easily get that way, dang it.  He's still awake right now, of course, and judging by the amount of sound coming from his room he's likely to stay that way for a while.  Oh well.

I have the pieces all cut out for the bustle now, but I'll wait to start sewing it until tomorrow.  I work on a lot of my projects late at night, but I've found that any time I pick up a needle after about ten in the evening I'm just going to end up stabbing myself with it.  Also my stitches end up really wonky after about two in the morning.  Projects that involve painting or glue are a lot more forgiving, so I'll stick with those late at night.  Despite not sewing, I've been getting quite a lot of work done of my costume lately.  You'd be amazed what you can do with a seven hour or so block of free time.

So at any rate, things are moving right along!

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