Thursday, August 25, 2011

In Which Jer And I Have A Date

Connor had his dental appointment today, and it went extremely well!  They were very surprised to see that he's already cut a permanent tooth and has another not far behind; they said it's super early for that.  When I explained that he cut his first primary tooth at around four months old they said that probably explained it. 

So his teeth apparently looked great!  The dental tech said that when she saw Connor was mostly g-tube fed she expected to see a lot of tartar on his teeth because that's usually a major issue for tube fed kids, which I thought was interesting.  So she was really happy to see that wasn't at all the case for Connor-- she really didn't have to do all that much to his teeth because we brush them on a regular basis, so they didn't really have any major plaque or tartar at all.  We don't use floss on him because his teeth are spread too far apart to need flossing, so that helps us out quite a bit.  Connor tolerates having his teeth cleaned really, really well but somehow I don't think that would extend to flossing.

Connor acted like such a big boy through the whole appointment; he didn't get upset at all, and he'd let the dentist look in his mouth for two or three minutes at a time with no fuss.  Then we'd take a ten or twenty second break, and after that he'd let her go right back to looking.  Also he still thinks the cleaning tool is pretty funny, which is nice.  The dentist suggested we get him a vibrating toothbrush will a circular head because his teeth are so small, but otherwise said that we're doing a great job.  We'll see them again in six months!

So Joanna came over and Jer and I went on our first date night in a while.  I think the last one that was just the two of us was when we went to Vashon island, so we were ready for some alone time!  Oh, we didn't do all that much, but that was perfectly fine; I think we just needed to spend some quality time together and enjoy each others' company.

So we started off by grabbing some coffee, and then we headed out to Bradley Park for a nice, leisurely walk together.  Somebody at the college down the road was playing some very, very loud live rock music and kept setting the car alarms off, but otherwise the park was lovely.  Then we drove across the street to buy Connor a new toothbrush.  We haven't tried it out yet, but it's similar enough to the dentist's cleaning tool that I'm sure it will probably produce some great giggles!

After that we bought Jeremy a new cell phone.  He accidentally forgot to take his old one out of his pants before throwing them in the wash; something we discovered when the washing machine started making a really loud banging noise when it hit the spin cycle.  So now his old one is really clean, but it doesn't make phone calls anymore.  Luckily Jer was more than overdue for a new free phone, so he spent a bit of time picking a new one out from the available options while I amused myself by accusing the electronics store employee of being an android.  He claimed that if the phone broke we'd have to talk to the manufacturer of the phone instead of the store, but I told him that obviously this was just a cover story to draw focus away from his giant robot conspiracy, as he and his fellow androids were no doubt making all of the products in the store in the break room during their lunch hours and so we'd be holding him personally responsible if our phone broke. 

In my mind it's not a successful shopping trip if the salesperson isn't slowly backing away and trying not to make any sudden movements by the time we're ready to leave. 

So after that we had just enough time to grab some pizza down at a local restaurant.  We ordered different personal pizzas, but Jer's pizza was better so I stole half of it because I'm nice like that.  He let me do it too, possibly as a distraction technique since I kept trying to get a hold of his new phone.  I like good food and bright shiny objects in that order, so this was probably a pretty good strategy.  At any rate, dinner wrapped up a fantastic and much-needed evening. 

Jer spent the rest of the time before bed fiddling with his new toy, which has a touch screen, in an attempt to figure out all the new functions and get things set up the way he wanted them.  Judging by some of the language I heard emerging from our bedroom, I think his campaign isn't going too well.  The androids will probably be pleased.



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Julia O'C said...

Hey, you stated some really funny stuff there. What I am trying to communicate is that I laughed, thanks, I will talk about this particular post with my mom.

(Can't wait to talk to you whenst we return from Vermont!!)

Mary said...

*Snort* My sister and the woman who has adopted me as her imaginary little sister both crack me up.

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