Thursday, August 11, 2011

In Which Connor's Brain Explodifies Again

Well that was not a particularly fun day.

Connor had seven seizures today, and he managed to cover just about all of the ways to get my adrenaline pumping.  He had three at home, two in public, and two on the highway.  The second seizure of the day was particularly nerve-wracking because I didn't realize he was seizing for a little bit since I was merging onto a highway, and then when I glanced back and saw his face turning gray there wasn't anywhere to pull over.  By the time the shoulder reappeared and I was able to pull to a stop, throw open the side door of the van and start pulling him out of his car seat, the seizure was over.  Unfortunately he'd aspirated quite a bit because of his upright position, so then we spent about five minutes on the floor of the van while he coughed and gasped and threw up his breakfast. 

Okay, never mind.  Make that eight seizures today.  He had another one just as I finished up that paragraph. 

Anyway, so I called the neurologist at around seizure number five and the message relayed was pretty much what I'd expected; give Connor some lorazepam and go get his levels tested on Monday.  The lorazepam doesn't seem to have done a whole heck of a lot for us, given that we've still seen seizures six, seven and eight today.  We haven't used the Diastat today because (except for the especially mom-panic inducing seizure in the car) all of his seizures have thankfully been pretty short.  I'm really hoping he's at least done for the night.

Oh, yeah.  And we had x-rays too of course, which we won't find out the results for until Monday, and not Thursday as I mistakenly told you yesterday.  Thursday is Connor's dental appointment.  Monday is Connor's orthopedic surgeon appointment, and also my birthday.  Maybe I'll wear a party hat to the hospital in honor of the occasion.

So now I am completely exhausted: too many adrenaline bursts in one day!  And if I feel like that, goodness knows what Connor feels like.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better and we won't end up having to take him in.  While the emergency room does have free cable television and all the ice chips I can eat, I think I'd really prefer to stay home.

Bleah.  No more seizures, kid!



The Sopers said...

The ice pellets are what got me through the first few months at TG. If you are in the MB vicinity and feel like getting away for a few let me know. I'd love for you to come visit Henri since you can understand all the junk around him. :)

lisa said...

I really admire your tenacity and spirit! (and your child who I will steal away from you if I could :) I know you get some respite, but it would seem like you should be able to get enough to have someone accompany you on car trips. Atthe very least DMV should give you special lights on your car so can stop wherever to perform CPR.
You rock

Julia O'C said...

This sounds like the day from the blackest Hell. Unbelievable.

I hope today is a better day, and that you don't end up spending any time at the hospital. Thinking of you guys.

leah said...

Yeesh - what a day! I certainly hope that today is a better day. I wonder if the little guy is getting sick again?

Chocolate is called for.

Sending hugs from Western NY.

Julia said...

More hugs from western NY, and I truly hope his neurons get their act together and settle down. Too much neural rumpus. And I hope you get a chance to recuperate, too. And Happy Birthday in advance, in case I don't get a chance to say so on Monday! And you never commented on the fact that it's been, what, two years since Jeremy's personal encounter with heavy explosives -- I was thinking about that. Well, I guess you have a lot on your mind right now. Take care.

Jess said...

Can you believe that we forgot? Wow. That's the kind of day it was yesterday.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

UGH! Sorry to hear you had such a rough day. Really hoping today is MUCH, MUCH better.

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