Monday, October 29, 2012

In Which Connor Feels Better And We Have A Pajama Day

I'm happy to say that we had a quiet, uneventful day today.  Connor stayed home from school and I spent the day talking with various doctors and triage nurses about Saturday and watching him like a hawk.  We didn't even get out of our pajamas until well in the afternoon.

I'm still waiting on final word from Connor's neurologist, but for now it looks like we'll keep the medication change made this weekend as is and see how he does from there.  I'll be checking Connor's stomach contents for blood twice a day for the next few weeks to make sure that the bleeding isn't a reoccurring issue.  I'm so glad we have the g-tube; it makes keeping tabs on that sort of thing so much easier.  If it shows up again I'm supposed to take him in immediately so they can try and figure out the source of the problem.  Internal bleeding isn't something you really want to mess around with.

I'll be taking him back to school tomorrow; he's regained the motion in his left hand and seems to be back to his usual self.  I'm so happy that the seizure didn't seem to have any lasting effects on him, and I'm hoping I won't ever see one that long or violent again.

So hopefully tomorrow it will be business as usual in our house.  No more excitement for us, thank you very much!


1 comment:

Fiona said...

I think you both earned your pajama day Jess.
Glad Connor is feeling better today.

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