Sunday, October 14, 2012

In Which Connor Needs A Lift

Our respite care worker's care broke down yesterday, so Connor came along to Thai lessons.  It's getting pretty tough to carry him down the stairs, but with only a couple of months left before travel I feel like it's pretty important not to miss any lessons.  Towards the end he started getting a little loud, so we ended up leaving a bit early.  Otherwise things went well.

My little guy isn't so little anymore; I need to tie a brick to this kid's head!  I think his lift will be coming at just the right time, because he's getting increasingly difficult to haul around during the day.  It will be really nice to be able to make the transfer from his bed to his chair, out of the shower, and other places around the house. 

The lift will be portable too, so we can take it on trips with us, which should be really nice.  My back is starting to give me a little bit of trouble towards the end of the day after moving him around, so it will be great to have some mechanical help whenever Jer's not here to do the heavy lifting for me!



Unknown said...

I was momentarily confused as to why you were attempting to carry your respite care worker. Whee, pronouns!

Jess said...

Bwahahaha! That's what I get for writing a blog after studying Thai for four hours. My brain is pretty much jello at that point. Fixed!

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