Monday, October 8, 2012

In Which Connor Has Some New Shoes

Connor got his new ankle-foot orthotics today!  They're pretty spiffy looking and with their blue, green and black mottled foam and their bright orange straps they coordinate pretty well with his hearing aids.  I need to get him some new socks that come up higher on his legs as the AFOs are mid-calf height, but otherwise they're ready to use.

He won't be wearing them all day for a little while yet; they'd like us to break him in slowly on them.  So he'll be wearing them during his home standing time and for his stretching until Thursday when we can get some more specific instructions from his physical therapist about exactly how she'd like his wearing schedule to run.  He seemed pretty excited about them today; he was actually up in his stander a little over the time he normally is while he watched his "hat music" again today because he wasn't protesting at all.  I think they give him a nice sense of stability that he's probably been missing.

We'll try the walker again with them on in a few days and see if they help with that too.

While he's otherwise in excellent health, the little guy's eczema is acting up in a big way right now.  The outside and inside of his right ear, a strip on his neck, and a bit of the skin around his temple all look like they've been burned as they are bright red and the skin is peeling off.  I'm going to try and get him into the doctor soon to get something to help with the rash and to make sure that it isn't something else.  Lotion doesn't really seem to be helping, and it certainly looks very uncomfortable.

Otherwise he's doing great!



Melissas Midnight Musings said...

The AFO's will likely help him with his walker too (I went through this same process as a kiddo, though I was a bit younger than Connor when I got my walker, but my parents said my AFO's helped a lot.) The support they'll give him while likely help with him having more standing stamina too. I know that when I happen to go out without my AFO's I get tired a lot more quickly than when I use them, which is most of the time.

It's great that he's excited about them.

Hopefully his eczema clears up soon, that's never fun!

Michelle said...

We have struggled with eczema with our son as well. We have even tried $150 a bottle prescription lotions. In the end the only thing that worked was lanolin. And not just lotion with lanolin, but the 100% pure stuff that you get for breastfeeding -and that's where you find it, in any pharmacy, Walmart or Target in the breastfeeding section. It comes in a purple box from Lansinoh. It is a bit thick if it's cold, so I just let the tube sit in a cup of warm water for a while before putting it on. It's sticky but it works like magic!

Anonymous said...

Our doc gave us Desonide and it also works like magic. I wonder if your doc might agree?

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