Thursday, October 4, 2012

In Which We Have A Better Day

Today, I'm happy to say, was a better day.  Other than the seizure Connor had at physical therapy nothing too untoward happened.

The little guy probably just overheated; he was trying out a walker and so was exercising quite a bit, and we spent some time in a hot and stuffy elevator.  So that's probably what brought it on.  We had to use the oxygen, but it wasn't too long of a seizure-- maybe a minute and a half or so.  He napped for a good portion of the afternoon.

As for the walker: he wasn't really able to take steps in it because he couldn't lift his toes up off the ground, but he was certainly interested in the proceedings.  We'll try it again after he gets his new ankle-foot orthotics and see if that helps!

We got the news that Connor's new wheelchair back has been approved, so that's pretty great.  His old back is way too flexible for his scoliosis, and the new one should give him a lot more support.  It shouldn't take very long to process, so we'll probably be making the trek up to Gig Harbor some time in the next week or two to switch out backs.

I got some news too; I went to the doctor a couple of days ago because I've been feeling increasingly fatigued and experiencing some muscle aches and what not, and my lab results came back in.  It turns out I had a vitamin D deficiency going, which makes perfect sense when you consider that my kid is practically a vampire.  We spent all summer avoiding the sun as much as possible because it was too hot, and so I didn't get my usual warm weather dose.  I'm glad that we caught it now, because I'm sure that going into the winter in the Pacific Northwest sure wouldn't help matters!  So I get to start taking a vitamin D supplement, and hopefully that will solve the problem. 

I love it when problems have easy solutions!



Julia O'C said...

So, so relieved that your health issue is something that can be easily resolved. I hope you start to feel better soon!!

Mary said...

Whee! Welcome to the vitamin D club! I just finished 4 months of 50,000 IU weekly, and now I'm doing 2000 IU daily. Just had my levels checked last week. Hopefully we're making progress.

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