Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In Which Connor Gets A Lift

Connor has a newly installed roller coaster in his room!

While Connor was at school today a very pleasant man from the pharmacy we order most of our equipment from showed up sopping wet (it was pouring outside) at our door with a ton of large interesting looking boxes.  Connor's new rolling toilet chair and his lift had both arrived!  He and I set the lift up in Connor's room and he showed me how to work it. 

Connor is about forty pounds of squirmy, wiggly kid now, and while I'm not to the point yet where I'm having a ton of trouble lifting him I know that day is rapidly coming, as he's certainly not getting any lighter.  He doesn't help or hold on in any way when you pick him up, and he has a tendency to try and launch himself backwards on occasion to make things exciting.  I figure it's a really good idea to have measures in place before lifting him really starts taking a toll on my back; that way I will be used to using it by the time he gets to a size where it's absolutely essential.  I'd like to save my back for times when we're out in public areas and I can't use a lift rather than straining it because I'm lifting him at home all the time.

So I know you all don't really care about why we got the lift now rather than waiting.  What you are all really dying to know is how much it can lift, and how long the pharmacy guy had been gone before I tried carting myself around in it.  The answers to those questions are: 440 pounds and about five minutes.  The sling is actually pretty comfortable, though your butt sticks out through a hole in the bottom so it feels kind of weird. 

Connor's still not quite sure what to make of the contraption; we tried it out at bedtime and he seemed to be okay with it, but he did keep asking us what the heck it was.  I'm sure he'll get used to it quickly.  Now I just have to remember that it's there and not walk into the pole at three in the morning when I go in to check on him during the weekend. 

Hooray for lifts!



Mary said...

Yay! Finally!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hurray for technology! So glad you got this :D

Julie G

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