Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In Which I Turn On The Waterworks For A Good Cause

Today after I dropped Connor off at school I grabbed my lap top and writing notebook and headed down to one of the local coffee shops to get some work done.  I'm giving a speech on Saturday for a fundraiser being held by Children's Therapy Center-- the fantastic organization that did Connor's therapy for a number of years-- and I needed to transcribe my speech to a Word document so I could send it to the organizer of the event. 

I am not what you would call a particularly gifted public speaker; actually I have terrible stage fright and really dislike being in the spotlight.  But the topic I'm speaking on-- Connor-- is one I'm an expert in.  Actually (as the 1300+ blog posts here testify) it's pretty difficult to get me to shut up about the kid.  I had to cut large portions of my first draft when I read it out loud and discovered it was nearly three times longer than my allotted speaking time.  Whoops. 

So at least I won't run out of things to say.  The next problem I have to tackle is that I seem to be completely unable to read the thing out loud without weeping all over the place.  I can make all right until about halfway through when I start talking about all of the "firsts" Connor had at CTC-- first time sitting on his own, first time standing, etc. and then I lose it.  Heck, I can't even type the thing without crying; I was sitting in the coffee shop this morning clattering away on the keyboard with tears streaming down my face.  The other customers gave my table a wide berth.

So I'm not entirely sure how successful this whole speech thing is going to be.  But I'll do my best and we'll see how it goes.  If nothing else I'm looking forward to the chance to meet up with my friends at CTC and my lovely ladies from my roller derby league the Dockyard Derby Dames, who will be helping out at the event because they are awesome.  If you're in the local area, you should come!  If nothing else, watching me attempt to give an actual speech without freaking out and/or leaking all over the stage should be highly amusing.  And hey, it's a great cause!




patrice said...

Love you girl, and I will be there to hand you tissues!

Kristin said...

Jenny Lawson had a speech to give and she has an anxiety disorder. So, as part of her speech, she held a zombie apocalypse drill. I'm not suggesting you actually do this, but maybe think about it to pump you up :) and that zombie drill is totally on the internet, if you need to watch it.

You'll be fantastic!

Fiona said...

I was planning to say something reassuring and encouraging, but then I read Kristin's comment and now I think you should do the zombie thing! That sounds awesome.

Just remember to take tissues, and that it is the passionate, emotional speakers that always make the biggest impact. I bet you will rock (even if you don't do the zombie thing).

Anonymous said...

I cry just reading about some of things you and Mr Connor do at are just so great together. So cry as you talk about your son. He is worth every tear. sg-KS

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