Friday, October 26, 2012

In Which We Head To The Doctor

The area around Connor's g-tube was really red and sore today, and the antibiotic ointment we've been putting on it just doesn't seem to be doing the trick.  So I made him an appointment at the doctor's office this afternoon to take him in and get a culture done to check for infection. 

While we were there, I went ahead and got my flu shot and also a Hep A and Hep B vaccination, which is recommended for those who travel to Thailand.  They'd also like me to get a typhoid vaccine, but the doctor's office is out of it right now.  My arm is pretty sore right now-- I think with the second needle they hit a nerve or something because my arm started spasming, which was pretty weird to watch.

Connor hasn't had his flu shot yet, but we didn't want to get it today because if he started running a fever afterwards we wouldn't be sure if it was from the shot or the possible infection.  On Monday I should hear back from his doctor about whether or not the little guy just has an irritated g-tube site or if there really is something else going on there.  Once we know for sure what's going on there I'll take him back to get one so we can avoid the bug.  The fewer illnesses he gets this winter, the better!



Unknown said...

Is it granulation or a growing rash? Do you guys have dr Abdullah's butt paste. It is like windex in its many uses. Also not sure what Yu guys clean it with but we use a 50/50 vinegar and water solution. Keeps the irritation down for that and the trach stoma!

excitedtobeafamily said...
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