Saturday, October 13, 2012

In Which Connor Sees A Musical Big Top

Connor had a fantastic time at the symphony today! 

He seemed to be feeling much better today, so I decided it would be okay join our friends there.  The program was circus themed, and there were a lot of sing-along songs.  It actually had a bit of sign language included, which was nice for us!  Connor danced and clapped through most of the show, and it was just long enough to hold his attention without him getting antsy.  He got pretty excited and started signing "Daddy!" when the tuba came out on stage; he knew that's the instrument Jer played in college.  It was pretty cute.  It's definitely something I'd take him to again.

After the show was over we spent a little bit of time in the Soundbridge building, where they have a variety of instruments for kids to explore.  Connor tried out a tambourine and felt the vibration on the strings of a bass, but we ended up heading outside pretty quickly because the sound of twenty toddlers pounding on instruments in a relatively small space was a bit much for him. 

After that we all took a nice walk down to Pike Place Market for some lunch.  The staff at the restaurant we ate at were pretty taken with the kids, and they all ended up with balloons.  Loki tried to eat Connor's the moment we walked in the door, so it's been sequestered away in his room, where the cats aren't allowed.  Connor fell asleep in the car on the way home; I guess all the activity wore him out! 



Herding Grasshoppers said...

The symphony sounds wonderful, but you can tell Connor that I second his opinion of the activity in the Soundbridge. Twenty toddlers... heck, ten toddlers pounding on instruments would send me over the edge in a big hurry ;D

Julie G

EmmaVerdona124 said...

LOL ironic thing there that I'm heading up to Soundbridge before halloween!! *Soundbridge is a place in my state where's there is audiology services and I see my audi here!*

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