Sunday, October 7, 2012

In Which Connor Loves Hat Music And Makes An Excellent Dog Whistle

Today our night nurse came over to do some day time respite care, which was very nice!  I spent pretty much all four hours of it at Thai lessons, and they were still going when I left. 

In addition to language (which I'm still very bad at as I'm learning to write Thai before I speak it) the teachers are discussing Thai culture and etiquette with me right now, which I think will be tremendously helpful both for the trip and for helping us better understand Ellen when she comes home.  I knew a lot of the big things, like not pointing at anything with your feet or touching anyone's head, but there are a lot a little things to learn too, like how you should never write a living Thai person's name in red ink and it's considered bad luck to have your hair cut on a Wednesday.  Interesting stuff!

Connor got to watch Phantom of The Opera again during respite care while he did his knee extension stretches, and I think it's his new favorite musical.  He's even come up with a name for it-- he calls it "hat music," which I think is his way of referring to the phantom's mask.  I'm pretty sure that means it's passed up Les Mis√©rables for top billing in his mind, since that hasn't been assigned a name.  I'm not sure what a good nickname for Les Mis would be in his vocabulary, which is probably part of the problem.  "24601 music" would be a bit past his signing ability.

So anyway, if you throw in church too it was a very busy day.  It was the Blessing of The Animals service today, and so a lot of the congregation brought their pets.  Connor approves of short sermons because then the breaks between the hymns (his favorite part of the service) aren't so long, and so towards the end of the sermon he decided to help wrap it up by emitting a series of ear-piercing yelps, which set all the dogs in the congregation off.  He's big into the "making a joyful noise" part of things!  Oh well-- luckily no one minds.

He crashed right at seven, and I'm not at all surprised by that.  We've got another busy week coming up, so hopefully he'll sleep well!



Anonymous said...


Your posts are always well written and interesting to read, but today's made me laugh out loud.

I had no trouble at all picturing all the folks at church with their beloved pets and Connor leading the choir of dogs. That is priceless!

Pamela (Duncanville)

Clara said...

Checking on you and Connor as I promised, and looking forward to meet "Ellen" did I mention that I love your blog?

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