Friday, October 5, 2012

In Which We Have A Better Day And Get A Bit Of Adoption News

No seizures today!  Connor seemed perkier and enjoyed his school day.  I'm happy he felt better and I hope that this will be the trend for a while! 

I had a pretty good day too; I picked up a big basket of ripe figs today, which automatically makes it a good day in my book as figs are one of my favorite Odd Looking But Amazingly Tasty foods.  I made a dinner out of them with a hunk of bread, some locally-made blue cheese, honey from a friend's hives and a mug of carrot ginger soup. 

This is why fall is my favorite time of year here; the sunny-but-cool weather and spectacular trees are nice and all, but the meals are fantastic. 

In other news, the Department of Homeland Security sent us a notice a few days ago (how did I forget to mention this?) letting us know that our I-800 paperwork for Ellen made it to them and they've passed it on to USCIS.  So with any luck we should hear something on that end some time in the next two or three weeks.  That will put us one step closer to Thailand and our daughter!  The

Jer and I have started looking heavily into our travel arrangements, so if any of you lovely readers have been to Thailand I would love to hear your recommendations-- especially in the way of hotel accommodations and things we really need to see.  We'll probably have three or four days during the trip where we won't have big things we need to do, so we'll be seeing the sights in and around Bangkok during that time period.  Obviously Ellen will weigh in once we get there, as she might have a few favorite places she'd like to visit, but I'd still love any suggestions you'd care to make!



Anonymous said...

That's Great!

Marcus said...

Rent your own family BEST VACATION EVER! They cook, they clean, they show you around, and other things a single guy enjoys but won't mention on a family bolg.

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