Friday, October 12, 2012

In Which We Have A Pajama Day

Connor felt a little under the weather today, so we skipped the pumpkin patch that we planned to go to and instead stuck to the house.  He had a couple of seizures and spent a good part of the day sleeping.  Luckily he was off of school today, so he was able to take it easy.  Hopefully he'll be up for the symphony tomorrow!

So I spent most of the day snuggling him on the couch and watching a Korean comedic drama one of my friends recommended.  We do an Asian Soap Opera exchange.  It's interesting to watch the soap operas from different countries and see how the culture and censorship laws change the shows.  For example: in Thailand there's no mouth-to-mouth kissing allowed, so the camera does some very creative cutting. 

After watching a couple of Korean dramas, I think the biggest difference between those and the Thai lakorns (other than the kissing) is that the Korean dramas have a waaaay larger budget and better production values.  Otherwise they seem to run along a lot of the same themes.  Crazy, crazy themes.  The current one I'm watching involves a nun who cross-dresses to take her twin brother's place in a boy band, since he's recovering from botched plastic surgery.  Currently all three members of the boy band are in love with her, including the one that might possibly be her half brother.  Yeah.

Anyway, hopefully Connor will feel better tomorrow!



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