Tuesday, October 9, 2012

In Which Our Adoption Is Moving Along

I went out to check the mail late this evening and guess what I found?  It was our I-800 provisional approval! 

This was the next major piece of paper we were waiting for on our adoption, from the US Customs and Immigration Services department.  It seems like now that we're in the home stretch things are moving very quickly-- certainly that was an extremely fast turn around on her immigration paperwork.  Now we're just waiting on our Article 5 and our invitation to travel to Thailand!  I can't believe that in just a couple of months we'll be face-to-face with our girl.

So we're down to final preparations: picking up a couple of outfits for her (mostly cold weather gear, as Pacific Northwest winters are quite a bit cooler than she's used to-- we'll do the vast majority of her clothing shopping after she's home), getting the final bits and pieces of storage for her bedroom, and trying not to go absolutely insane while we wait to get on a plane.  It's been about 20 months since our dossier went to Thailand so you'd think this waiting would be a piece of cake, but I'm pretty sure that the closer we get the more agonizing it will be.  I'll do my best to be patient and wait just a little longer. 

I'm sure we'll be there before we know it!



jwg said...

Does Connor know about Ellen? We know how he feels about babies. How do you think he will react?

Simply, Sarah said...

I LOVE reading about families going through adoption, and yours is no exception.

Connor is adorbs too. ;)

Melissas Midnight Musings said...

Woohoo! I hope the time doesn't drag on too much as the days get closer.

Kathryn said...

Yay and yes i was wondering the same as jwg.

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