Thursday, October 11, 2012

In Which Everybody Conks Out

We got the good news today that our night nursing should continue!  This made me pretty darn happy; I've gotten to where I like my sleep.

The little guy's been out for the count since four this afternoon; he had a seizure at physical therapy today and so he was pretty tired when we got home.  He seems to be sleeping an awful lot right now; I'm still wondering if he might have a bit of something going on.  It could be coming down off the seizure med that's doing it too, though-- who knows? 

Anyway, that's about all I can think of; my brain is fried tonight.  I think it's from too much studying Thai-- I got in a good four hours today while Connor was in school.  This is even though I'm actually sleeping now instead of just staring at the ceiling off and on for several hours at night.  Who knew that vitamin D could have such a big impact on one's sleep schedule?

Good night!


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Julia O'C said...

Oh, Jess, that's such good news about the night nurse!!! I'm so relieved!

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