Sunday, March 18, 2012

In Which We Are Enjoying Our Visit

It's great having Jer's youngest brother here!  We don't get to see a lot of him because he's down in Texas, so it's nice to get the chance to catch up and hang out.  You can definitely tell that he's Connor's uncle because they share the exact same shade of white-blond hair.

We got our car window fixed yesterday, so Jeremy no longer has to drive around in forty degree temperatures with an open window.  Despite the odd weather we've been having lately (yesterday it rained, snowed, sleeted and was sunny in alternating five minute intervals) the dogwoods and flowering cherries are beginning to open up their buds and the hyacinths and crocus are in full bloom.  So I took my mason bees out of the refrigerator and they're in their little house now.  Hopefully they'll all hatch and we'll see some bees soon! 

Gus the hummingbird is claiming his territory as our house again this year and has been showing up every morning when I bring Connor in from school to provide commentary on my technique.  He must have a nest somewhere very nearby, though I don't know where it is.  He's very, very loud-- I can hear him from inside the house!  Hummingbirds are not native to Thailand, so hopefully he'll still be hanging around when Ellen comes home.  I'm thinking about putting a second feeder in the backyard so that maybe he'll let a few of the other hummingbirds in the area actually have something to eat for once.  It would be hard for him to guard both feeders at the same time!

Joanna came over last night to watch Connor and we went out to our favorite Greek restaurant where we stuffed ourselves.  I swear I could eat their Mediterranean chicken until I burst!  We thought about catching a movie, but in the end decided to head off to the bookstore, where we spent about an hour browsing. 

Because if there's one thing we need in this house, it's more books!


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txmoabite said...

So jealous of your 40 degree weather!

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