Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Which We Spend Some Time Outdoors And I Am A Lousy Driver

It was sunny and gorgeous outside today, so I took Connor's stander out onto the deck and did some work in the garden while he did his stander time and played with his iPad.  After his hour was up I moved him to his floor chair, which works really well outside.  It was great to have the chance to share the sunny day with the little guy; hopefully he got some good vitamin D!

We got a phone call from our pharmacy today; Connor's tricycle has arrived!  We're going to go in for his fitting and to pick it up tomorrow.  I'm hoping we'll have some more of these lovely summer days so that we can take it for a spin outside!  If not, we'll just toodle around in the living room.  Laminate floors let you do that sort of thing, and it's not likely Connor will bang the walls up too much.

No, banging the walls up is my job around here; Connor's wheelchair is big and a couple of our doors-- especially the front door and the door to Connor's room-- are beginning to show wear and tear at the bottom from the times I've miscalculated and whacked them with the footrest on the chair.  Jer and I are talking about the possibility of installing a kick plate on those doors to protect them from the bumps and dings.  They're fairly inexpensive, attractive, easy to install and should help cut down on the damage.  Now if only I could do the same for the walls!  Someday a few years down the road we may end up installing wainscoting in the hallway for the same purpose, as that's the area that seems to get bumped up the most. 

Or I could just learn how to steer the dang wheelchair.  That would probably work too.


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