Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In Which Tut Tut It Looks Like Rain

Today while the guys played their various video games and Connor pounded on his keyboard in his stretching chair I took the opportunity to do a little sewing.  The bed we found Ellen is a wrought iron daybed with a trundle, and it needs lots of pillows so it can work as a seating area for her during the day. 

I visited the remnants section of a couple of fabric stores in the area and picked up five fabrics in various shades of blue, white and soft green (they aren't purple-- that's due to my camera and poor indoor lighting), and I'm making her some cloud pillows because, what the heck, clouds are neat. 

If she doesn't like them or wants something else (which is perfectly fine-- it's her room!) I can always use them in Connor's room, but at least with these she'll have some place to lounge comfortably right away.  I grabbed some fun buttons to use on a couple of them and I might pick up another fabric or two at some point because they're so simple to make.  I've got three of the shells for the pillows done so far-- they just need to be stuffed.  This is a super quick and easy sort of project. 

Loki helped, of course.  I've had to set aside pretty much all of my more complicated projects due to his overly helpful nature because when I go to the bathroom he takes the opportunity to run off with important bits of whatever I'm working on. 

I really need to get cracking on my cat-free garage studio! 


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Anonymous said...

Glad he has not gotten sick from eating your crafts.

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