Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In Which I Run Around A Whole Bunch For Little Purpose

Today was kind of a crazy day.

We found out yesterday evening that the most important CD of files I drove up to the Adoption Medicine Center last week in preparation for our phone consult with the doctor about what resources to set up for Ellen before she arrives wouldn't open on their computer.  Our appointment was supposed to be this afternoon, so we needed to figure out a way to get that stuff to them as soon as possible. 

I quickly decided that sending them the whole thing-- several hundred pages worth of pictures and reports-- wasn't going to be feasible.  So I focused on one 70 page document that contained most of her medical and observation reports.  After trying unsuccessfully to e-mail it in various formats, I shaved it down to the most crucial 30 pages, drove over to the local office store and tried faxing it.  Of course I managed to pick the Slowest Fax Machine In The Universe.  After an hour, three attempts at faxing and only six pages successfully sent (at a mere five minutes a page) the manager offered to try condensing the file for me so I could send it by e-mail again.  I had twenty minutes before it was time to pick up Connor.

So I rushed home, grabbed my version of the CD and brought it back to the store, where a very nice man attempted a number of different things to try and get the file down to size.  He fiddled around with it for a while, but unfortunately didn't have any luck.  I thanked him for trying, grabbed my CD back and sprinted out to the car as I had four minutes to get to Connor's school.  Whoops.

So once I arrived and speed-walked into the building, I had a brief sit-down meeting with Connor's nurse about his upcoming IEP revision.  It was now noon, we were supposed to be hearing from the doctor about Ellen in four and a half hours, and he still didn't have the vast bulk of her medical information. 

So guess who got to drive to Seattle?

Yep, as soon as I wrangled Connor into the van we were off to drop everything at the center in person.  Poor Connor fell asleep in the car-- he wasn't particularly happy about missing his quiet time.  We squeaked in at about one in the afternoon, jogged into the elevator, hit the button for the fourth floor and dropped everything off at the front desk.  So now we just had to get home before the doctor called, as Jeremy and I were both supposed to be there for the conference.

And then after all of that, an hour before the appointment we got a phone call from the patient coordinator.  The doctor ended up having to reschedule due to an emergency.  So we're set up for next Thursday. 

Oh well.

It's probably for the best-- by this evening I'd completely lost my voice thanks to this glorious cold.  So I'm having to talk about an octave lower than I normally do, and it sounds kind of like I'm gargling gravel.  Hopefully by next Thursday I'll be able to talk without being mistaken for a frog!


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Sammie said...

I got stressed out just reading this. I can only imgaine. I thought I was the only one who had these kind of problems with technology. Which doctor will be talking with you? We see Dr Davies. Next time you are comming up to Children's let me know and we can have coffee.
I talked with you sometime ago I have a 16 year old son adopted from Thailand and a 13 year old from China both deaf.So glad your getting close.

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