Friday, March 30, 2012

In Which We're Feeling Better And My Little Boy Is Getting Really Really Big

Thank heavens, Connor has actually decided to sleep tonight.

That is a very good thing because I have a bout tomorrow!  Bouting on five hours or less of sleep is not particularly fun, so I'm glad that I'll be getting a full night's sleep tonight. 

Connor didn't have school today-- it was a snow makeup day so everyone but preschool attended.  He's officially on Spring Break now.  He's currently in that stage where he's feeling pretty good but is still super stopped up, which is always a fun time.  I'm over the worst of this cold and on the mend too, which is great.  I'll probably take a nice hot bath tomorrow morning, go for a walk or do some good stretching, and then I'll be ready to play some derby!

Connor is still trying to choose what fun activity we'll be doing for his birthday, which is on Sunday.  Can you believe he's going to be six?  I know I say this every year, but there is no way my kid can possibly be that old.  There are a couple of childrens' theater productions going on to choose from, and there's always the zoo, the aquarium, the science museum-- all the fun places he likes to visit over and over again.  While I would love to throw him a party, he's still not excited about that idea.  So since it's his birthday, we'll do it his way and keep it just the three of us. 

Seriously, there's no way my little guy can possibly be six.  That's over halfway to ten!


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Fiona said...

I say the same thing about my kids every year too Jess.
They get big SO fast.
And I also have one who doesn't do parties, but I bet Connor will love his special day however you spend it.
Happy Birthday from Switzerland Connor :-)

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