Sunday, March 11, 2012

In Which Connor Is A Sickikin

Connor had a really rough day today.

The little guy didn't say a word all day, which is pretty much unheard of for him.  The last time he did this he ended up being diagnosed with strep throat.  He wouldn't let me take a look in his mouth, but considering the fact that he has a fever, had a ton of seizures today and was not at all his happy self, I suspect that we might be seeing the beginnings of another strep throat infection. 

Oh, and there's another reason why I think his throat may be hurting; now I'm feeling lousy too.  I've got a killer headache this evening and I'm now eating throat lozenges like candy.  Glorious.

So I may end up trying to take the little guy in to the doctor's office tomorrow.  His lymph nodes don't feel swollen to me or Jer, but they didn't last time either so that's not a clear indication one way or the other.  Hopefully his doctor will be able to get a clearer look at his throat and, if nothing else, rule out strep as the possible culprit.  It very well could be a viral infection, in which case we'll just have to wait it out.  If he does have strep, I'd like to get him on an antibiotic as soon as possible to take care of the issue.  His immune system seems to be kind of fragile right now, so it would be nice to give it a bit of help if we can.

So no school for the little guy tomorrow.  Hopefully he'll feel better soon!


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Anonymous said...

Poor little guy - he gets an awesome new toy and then he gets too sick to enjoy it! And now you're getting sick, too? Ugh. I'm so sorry!!!

-Julia O'C

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