Friday, March 9, 2012

In Which Connor Gets Some New Wheels!

We picked up Connor's new tricycle today! 

For those of you interested in specifics, it's the small Rifton Adaptive Tricycle in a lovely shade of blue.  I forgot to bring my camera with me, so sadly I don't have any pictures of him trying it out for the first time.  I couldn't recreate it later in the day, either, because he was so worn out from seizures (he had just one today, thankfully), school and the bike that he fell asleep in car on the way home.  Oh well.

While I'm sorry that I didn't catch his first ride on the bike, I think it's going to be fantastic for him!  Everything is set on the shortest or tightest position and the bike can accommodate a child who weighs up to 150 pounds, so he's got a lot of growing room. 

When they brought the trike out for him, he applauded-- that's how excited he was about having a trike to ride again after having long outgrown his other one.  Obviously he remembers those rides and is really excited about having some wheels again.  My only regret is that we didn't get him this one sooner! 

He wasn't able to move the bike himself in the pharmacy as we were on a rug that gave a little too much resistance, but he was trying so hard to push the pedals that his legs were shaking.  He's super motivated to make it go!  We'll play with it indoors until the next sunny day, and then I'm going to take it down to Bradley Park.  There are a couple of really gentle slopes along the trail, and I think that with that extra help he might be able to get the bike moving himself.  I'm hoping this will be a fantastic way to build his muscle strength and give him a way to be just like all the other kids at the playground. 

Hooray for new adventures!


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