Saturday, March 10, 2012

In Which Connor Rides His Tricycle And The Day Goes Downhill

Connor's day started out pretty well; he and I slept in while Jeremy drove down to one of the local coffee shops and brought home breakfast.  I only have the best husband in the history of everything.

Anyway, Connor had a birthday party to go to in the afternoon so we figured we'd get his therapy finished early.  Jer and I strapped him in and he rode around on the tricycle in the house for the first time.  We need to get him a new helmet before we try out the trike outside (and besides, it was raining to beat the band today) but we figured he wasn't going to roll down any really fast hills inside so it was okay to try it out anyway.

Connor loves it.

Right now he doesn't have the muscle strength to make the bike move forward all by himself, but if you give him a little help at the top of each pedal's cycle he's able to push them down the rest of the way.  So we made very, very slow progress around the living room and hallway.  He won't touch the handlebars yet, which we pretty much expected, but it was exciting to see just how hard he was concentrating on pushing the pedals down and making it go! 

The tricycle wore him out much faster than we expected-- he only spent about five minutes on it before he was drooping in his seat.  We took him out even though he protested and he promptly went to sleep on one of our library chairs.  Jer took off for the gym, and our plan was to leave for the birthday party when he got back.  The little guy woke up about half an hour after he went down, had a small seizure, and promptly went back to sleep and slept until just before Jer got home.  He seemed to be feeling a bit down, but we thought it was because he'd worked so hard on his trike.  We packed up and left for the party.

We hadn't been on the road more than five minutes when Connor had a big seizure-- the kind where we have to pull over because he was turning blue in his chair.  He hasn't had a seizure that big in the car in several months.  Jer turned into an access road and we hopped out and lay Connor down on the van floor, where as soon as the seizure was over he fell asleep.  Obviously the birthday party was out of the question, so we turned around and headed home. 

As we were getting ready to put him down in bed I noticed his cheeks felt awfully warm.  Sure enough, the little guy was running a fever.  Guess who's sick again?  We gave him some Tylenol and he spent the rest of the afternoon asleep.  I hope he's feeling better tomorrow after some good rest-- especially since he just got over a bug. 

Being sick is no fun!



krlr said...

Fun! The trike, I mean. The seizure & fever, obviously not so much. Hoping it passes quickly because I think we all need a few more pix of Connor riding. That's some serious cuteness right there.

Clara said...

Thanks for posting pics of your little guy! I pray that my Zach gets to do just that one day! Hope he gets better.

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