Monday, March 26, 2012

In Which Our Day Is For The Birds (But Was Actually Just Fine)

Connor had another great day today!  I think he's got some allergies going because his nose is running a mile a minute, but since he still seems to be feeling pretty good and he had a great day at school I'm not too worried about it.

While the little guy was off having fun at preschool, I made some serious headway on cleaning out Ellen's room.  It's amazing how much stuff we've managed to fit in there in only two years!  Once I've got everything that's not Ellen-related moved out of the place, it will be time to paint. 

After his nap we drove up to the new wild birds store that recently opened up in a nearby shopping center.  Gus, our in-resident hummingbird, refuses to let any other hummingbirds eat at his feeder, which is hung in our front yard.  So I got two feeders for the backyard so that some of the other hummingbirds can catch a snack once in a while.  I hung one of them in a tree, but the other one is a window feeder kind of like the one we had on our house on post.  I hung it up on the side window of our sliding door so the whole family can enjoy watching.  I might get one for Ellen's window too, but we'll see what she thinks about the hummingbirds first; They can get pretty noisy sometimes. 

I also picked up some suet and birdseed for our big feeder, and since this was the store's grand opening they gave me a finch feeder for free, which is now hanging in another tree in our backyard.  We're going to have some serious fun birdwatching this year!


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