Thursday, March 15, 2012

In Which Someone Has A Smashing Good Time And It Is Not Me

While I was skating tonight, someone smashed out the passenger side window of our car (not Rowbert The Wheelchair Van, thank goodness) and stole Jeremy's weightlifting bag.  It was a smash-and-grab job; they hit two other cars in the parking lot as well.  I think they were probably disappointed because Jer's bag contained two very old pairs of shoes, his weightlifting log and a bottle of Excedrin-- quite the haul!  None of the other cars had anything valuable stolen either.

So I waited around with the two other lucky ladies who won the Burglar Lottery until the police drove up, filed a report and that was that.  However, having the window completely smashed out did not make the ride back to the house particularly fun for me.  There was glass all over the driver's side seat so I had to sit on my jacket during the thirty-five minute drive home, and of course it was forty degrees outside and halfway there it started raining sideways.  So that was terribly pleasant. Jeremy is out as we speak trying to find a store that's still open and stocks heavy plastic to cover the window until we can get it fixed.  Whee!

Oh well-- it could have been so much worse.  They could have, you know, stolen the whole car.  And now I'm home wrapped up in a cozy blanket with a cup of tea, some homemade bread slathered with a generous helping of marionberry jam, and three kinds of cheese.  So the night is looking up, even if judging by the amount of noise Connor is making right now he plans to be up until two in the morning.  Jer promised to bring me some chocolate from whatever store he goes to and finds the plastic sheeting for the car window.  I predict things will improve exponentially shortly after he gets home. 

Guess it was just one of those days!



Anonymous said...

What a craptastic day. Ugh.

I'm sorry.

-Julia O'C

Emthe said...

Gurhk! I wish you a better rest of your weekend.

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