Friday, August 3, 2012

In Which Connor And I Go Out On The Town

I'm happy to say that Connor had a much better day today.  He slept through the night and woke up refreshed and ready for a good day.  Since it was quite warm outside we couldn't spend a lot of time out there, but I thought it would be nice to go out for a while and spend some time doing some other things.  I needed to stop by the library and check out a new video for Connor to watch while he does his stander time. 

Stander time is the only time he's allowed to watch television, and since we don't have TV reception I try to mix it up for him.  Unfortunately the video I'd picked out last time was The Magic School Bus collection about the human body, and somehow I didn't realize that when they said the human body, they meant they were going to be driving the bus around in a kid's large intestine and dodging poop stalactites.  He didn't seem interested in the video; it was a little past his level and he lost interest pretty quickly.  So it's time to pick out a different one. 

And also, poop stalactites.  Ew.

Anyway, so we stopped by the library for a while, ran some errands on post, and then drove down to a little coffee shop for a late lunch.  I ended up chatting for an hour with another mother parenting a child with special needs.  We ended up exchanging phone numbers, so hopefully we'll get together some time in the future.  In the world of parenting, it's always nice meeting someone who speaks the same language-- and trust me when I say that parenting a kid with special needs gives you a unique lingo that few people outside the circle understand, just like with any specialized group.  I'd say I've learned nearly as many acronyms from parenting Connor as I have from being a military spouse, and that's saying something.  The army really likes acronyms.

So anyway, it was a good day overall!


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Unknown said...

You are such a trooper, and than you for sharing your days with us. I hope I have as much strength and endurance with our sons needs as he gets older.

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