Friday, August 31, 2012

In Which We Stay Up Late

Hi there!

We had a super late night last night.  The head nurse came over to show us the new electronic charting system they'll be using, so I ended up staying up well past midnight.  It's funny just how used to sleep I've gotten.

Yesterday we had our meeting with Connor's teacher and school nurse about his upcoming year; school starts up next week!  I went over how to use his g-tube and administer medication, turned in eight bajillion pieces of paperwork, and we discussed some of the things they may see with the little guy over the course of the school year.  I'm excited about his new classroom, and I think it'll probably be a great fit for him. 

I'm hoping that he'll enjoy his classroom and getting the chance to make some new friends.  He didn't have a lot of playdates over the summer, so it'll be good for him to do some mingling with his peers.  And of course I'm really, really looking forward to Connor being in school for other reasons, too.  Hooray for six hours a day of alone time!


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