Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In Which Connor Is A Big Boy Now

We had a busy day today!

Connor and I got up bright and early in the morning and headed off to the barber shop, where the little guy got his hair cut.  He's gone to the same place for three or four years now, and unfortunately it doesn't have air conditioning.  So his hair was long enough for full ringlets because the summer has been so hot and we haven't been able to go.  This morning we got in before things heated up, and so now his hair is short again and as a result he looks six years old going on twenty.  I swear that kid grows in hair cuts.

He actually did extremely well this time around; normally cutting his hair is a two-person job because he wiggles so much.  He sits in my lap and I hold him still while our long suffering stylist does her best to cut his hair as quickly as possible so he won't jerk in the wrong direction and lose an ear.  Today there was no wiggling or flinging himself from side to side; he behaved just beautifully.  I shelled out copious praise and he agreed with me that yes, he was a very big boy.  He felt the need to point out that Daddy was also a big boy, and I agreed with him.  We talked about how Daddy holds still for haircuts too.  I neglected to mention to him that Daddy buzzes his own hair over the bathroom sink, because if thinking Daddy held still for haircuts was the motivating factor behind Connor's stellar behavior I wasn't going to screw that up. 

We drove straight to the hospital from the barber shop to pick up Connor's earmolds.  They're a pretty tight fit, so they should last us quite a while.  I was worried that Connor wouldn't leave them in since he's been sans hearing aids for nearly two months now, but once again he behaved beautifully and left them in all day.  I think he was pretty excited to have them back.

By the time we got out of the appointment the day was heating up, so we drove to Ikea, where we spent the next several hours until it was cool enough outside to return to the house.  We have the appointment for our air conditioner scheduled now, but it's not until the 21st, so we've still got a few more days of heat to get through.  I picked up a few sturdy cardboard boxes for my studio, which is starting to come together nicely, and a wall-mounted drying rack to use as an organizer for hanging pieces of work like Christmas stockings or sequined ornaments.  The space isn't finished yet, but I'm really starting to see what it will look like when it's done!

Connor conked out in the car on the way home and slept all the way back; I think all of the appointments plus the added stimulation of having his hearing aids in again tired him out.  I put him down when we got home and he took a good nap.  When he woke up he demanded snuggles, and we sat on the couch for a while as he happily buried his nose in my shirt and I read a book. 

It's nice to know that even though he's a big boy now, he still needs snuggles from Mommy!


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