Sunday, August 5, 2012

In Which It Is Way Too Hot Here

Today was a record-breaking 95 degrees, so Connor and I spent about eleven hours out at various malls spread across the puget sound area.  He went to bed at around two last night, so I got about four hours of sleep. 

So basically take yesterday's post, subtract a tiny bit of delerium and then add in five more hours of window shopping, and you've got today.  Oh, and I did a survey because what the heck, I had plenty of time, and I earned five whole bucks!  I told Jer he can retire now, because I'm raking in the dough.

Since I did a ridiculous amount of people watching, I now have a pretty good handle on the latest fashions for teenage girls.  It looks like lace and high-low hemlines are really in right now.  Also fabric patterns that, to my mind, look like a huge stack of Lisa Frank (remember Lisa Frank?) sticker albums exploded all over them.  I am kind of okay with not being a fashion plate right now.

I am SO looking forward to air conditioning.


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