Friday, August 31, 2012

In Which Connor Is A Dapper Dan

Today Connor and I hit the antique mall and the thrift stores to find Halloween and Steamcon costume pieces.  Connor's been a yeti for two years in a row, and not only would the costume be a bit snug on him but it's pretty warm, which means it's not exactly the best idea in the world for him.  Since he and I are going to Steamcon together this year (Jer will sadly be unable to attend due to military obligations, but don't worry-- I'll get him into costume one of these days) I figured I could kill two birds with one stone. 

So Connor will be going as a Victorian Gentleman, which he approved after I showed him a bunch of pictures of gentleman in Victorian garb.  He actually requested a top hat!  I have no idea where the heck I'm going to get a top hat that would remotely fit him that's in my (extremely cheap) budget.  Perhaps I'll have to try my hand at making one. 

I'll be making him an ascot anyway, so I might as well add that to my list.  I think he'll be quite the dapper gentleman.

Connor has been doing extremely well in recent days; his last seizure was two weeks ago.  I have hope that maybe as he continues to get older his seizures will continue to become fewer and farther between than what we've seen in past years.  I don't expect him to outgrow his seizures, but I think it would be amazing if they became the exception rather than the rule!


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Anonymous said...

I'm a supporter of all things dapper, and I found this child-sized top hat on Etsy. The seller makes them in different sizes, so you could probably find one that will work.

(I am not affiliated with this seller at all, just did a quick perusal of Etsy to see what was available.)

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