Thursday, August 2, 2012

In Which Connor Learns That Sleep Strikes Are Not The Best Of Ideas

Last night Connor slept in ten-fifteen minute intervals until around four in the morning.  Then he crashed, and I finally woke him up around ten.  I have no idea why he had so much trouble sleeping, but I didn't really want to continue the trend by letting him sleep the day away.  I should have known better-- waking this kid up when he's in the middle of a sleep cycle really throws off his groove.

So he was extremely crabby and clingy and whenever I moved out of his immediate eyeshot he acted like his world was ending.  Then around one in the afternoon I couldn't keep him awake any longer and he zonked out sitting upright on the couch.  I gave up, laid him out with a light blanket and he slept until around a quarter to three, which is when I woke him up so we could go to physical therapy.  He was not terribly happy about this.

So about ten minutes into therapy he started getting goosebumps and his color went all mottled and pale, and then he started thinking about throwing up.  At first we thought he was going to have a seizure, but that didn't happen.  I ended up bundling him up in a blanket and sitting him in my lap for a bit, where he promptly tried to fall asleep.  I'm not sure what exactly that was all about-- hopefully it was just the sleep deprivation thing-- but after he'd rested and warmed up a bit he was able to finish the session.  I ran a few errands, during which he was perfectly happy, and while I was putting the groceries away he crashed on the couch again.  We were supposed to go to a wedding in the afternoon, but it was very evident that was not going to be happening.  I let him sleep on the couch for a while, and then ended up bundling him off to bed quite a bit early.

Of course the second I put him down in his room he was promptly Not Sleepy At All, Thank You Very Much.  I figured he'd settle back down quickly, but he lasted about an hour and a half before having a complete meltdown, which is not something he does very often.  I ended up bringing him out into the living room with me, and he promptly snuggled down and fell asleep on my chest.  Evidently he just didn't want to be by himself.  I finally managed to put him to bed again around ten, and so far he seems to be out for the night. 

Thank goodness for night nursing.  After four days of Connor sleeping poorly, I'd probably be in the goosebumps-and-nausea stage of things right now too.  Hopefully he'll get a good night's sleep and we won't see any more of that for a while.


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Julia O'C said...

Well, that sounds AWFUL. I hope Connor has a better day today. That goose-bumps-skin-mottling thing is scary!

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